Traffic Diary #5: Solo Ad With Heimmer Finsson

I purchased a solo ad placement with Heimmer Finsson who runs a solo ad service.  I purchased this at the same time I purchased a solo ad with Igor Keifets.  In this deal I was paying a slightly lower rate of $115 for 200 clicks and sent it to the same opt-in page for my PPC lead funnel at

Here are the results:

Heimmer ending up sending 318 clicks (118 bonus clicks) and out of these clicks, 54 prospects ended up double opting into my PPC lead funnel.  This means I paid roughly $2.12 a lead, which was almost the same CPA value that I got from Igor’s solo ad service.

I already mentioned that I lead on this particular list has a lifetime value of $10, so once again this was a good deal and I will be purchasing more.

Best wishes,

Gauher Chaudhry