Do Video Sales Letters Really Convert Better?

I recently did a survey of my readers to find out what type of sales letter they felt was most effective in getting conversions.

a. Text sales letters
b. Video sales letters

Here are the results and my comments in a short video:

Please give me your opinions by clicking on the comments option.

I highly recommend that you watch Michael’s video to really see how well he uses video to convert prospects into customers.

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Building Traffic Momentum

Any time you build a burst of traffic to your web site, you are bound to garner the attention of many traffic ranking services.

This can benefit your web site because it allows you to get more exposure and ultimately more traffic.

But in order to create a burst of traffic, you need to control to control traffic sources that can send traffic almost immediately.

Two of the biggest sources of traffic that come to mind are:

1. Email
2. Twitter

Both of these methods of communication allow you to reach your prospect with your message quickly and have them respond fairly fast.

Traffic sources like pay per click search engines can’t nearly bring traffic as fast unless you are buying an enormous amount of clicks every our.

When I did a blog post regarding the FTC and rebill offers, I sent out an email to my list and also did a tweet on twitter and the traffic came in fairly fast.

Below is a screenshot on Alexa that shows my blog post as the third web site listed under “Hot Pages”, which is category that lists the most popular web pages on the web at that moment.

This is a direct link from that also resulted in a windfall of traffic to my blog post other than the email that I sent out to my list and the tweet that I did.

I used to think that Twitter was a waste of time because there are not a lot of people making huge amounts of money from it, but I now see it as a great way to generate instant traffic.

Besides, email and Twitter, what other forms of instant traffic are there?

Please let me know by leaving your comments. 😉



My Trip Down To Silicon Valley

I was down in Santa Clara last week to speak at the Internet Income Summit. It was a three day Internet marketing event and I spoke on two of days on the topic of CPA marketing with PPC and PPV traffic.

While I was in California, I decided to take a tour of all major Internet companies and saw where Yahoo, Google and Facebook have firmly planted their roots.

With the number of dot com companies all over Silicon Valley, I can see why people move here because the motivation to create a dot com success is definitely here.

The Google complex is massive with over 40 different buildings that house their tens of thousands of employees.  To think that a company that only started about 10 years ago could go on to become one of the largest companies in the world is credit to Google for doing something right.

On the other hand, Yahoo seems to be a company with no clear direction. Their facility is nowhere near the size of Google`s and it looks like they are struggling to find their purpose now that they have inked a deal with Microsoft to have power their natural search results.

Above is a picture of me standing behind one of the many Google signs placed outside each building.

I did get a chance to stop by and meet with, which is a CPA network that I have been working with for years.  Their office was located directly across from Google, so that in itself is motivation enough to grow. 😉

Leave your comments on your experiences in Silicon Valley.

It is amazing to think that none of these companies would exist if it wasn’t for the Internet.

Best wishes,


Keyword Elite 2.0 Released

Brad Callen released his much anticipated Keyword Elite 2.0 tool and I was lucky enough to get an early copy to review.

The first thing that I noticed was the considerable improvement in finding and displaying keyword results.  The results are also much more accurate than the results that were generated with Keyword Elite 1.0.

In fact, I have yet to see a keyword research tool that can deliver keyword results as fast a Keyword Elite 2.0.

I am actually pretty excited to start using all the features.

But Keyword Elite 2.0 is much more than just a keyword research tool with seven (7) additional modules that allow you to do things such as spy on competitors or look for good sites to target using Google Adword’s placement targeting feature.

I think that is someone took the time to fully understand how to use this great piece of software, they could literally build a six figure income in just months.

The problem is that most people just by software because of the hype and then it ends up sitting on their computer.

But Keyword Elite 2.0 doesn’t need any hype.  It is the real deal and I am actually using in regularly thee days.

I have put together a bonus package for anyone who is interested in Keyword Elite 2.0 and purchases through my affiliate link.


Starting My Twitter Journey

About six months ago I thought Twitter was stupid.  I have changed my mind although I think it is still over-rated.

I have started experimenting with my own Twitter account at:

I barely tweet, but noticed that if I do place a URL about something, my followers do actually click.

This got me thinking about Twitter as an effective communication tool (if not abused).

I spent some time trying to find out marketers who know Twitter really well.  I found a lot of marketers with tens of thousands of followers, but something did not make sense.

I see numbers like this:

23,543 Followers and 21,435 Following

Having over 20,000 followers is impressive, but how the heck do they follow over 20,000+ other people.
Everytime they hit refresh, they must end up with a new page of tweets.

Then the BS detector went off.  Ding. Ding. Ding.

Upon further investigation, I didn’t realize that their are tools out there that allow users to auto-follow other users when a user signs up to follow their tweets.

Great way to inflate your follower numbers.  But the problem is that these are not *real* followers.  You are just attracting other people who also want to inflate their numbers.

What I see happening is that the users with the most *real* followers will have the best opportunity to monetize with Twitter.

Twitter reminds me of a book written by Seth Godin titled “The Idea Virus”.  He writes about finding people who *influence* your niche the most and getting them to spread your idea.

The Twitter users with the large followings will be the influencers (i.e. Oprah).  If you could just get one of these influencers to tweet about your product or service, what would that do for your sales?

Something to think about.

I am also looking at other ways people are monetizing with Twitter and will include that in a little report I am putting together for you that details my Twitter experience.

But I think the companies that are going to make big money are the ones that build secondary Twitter services.

Here are a few good ones.

You can customize your Twitter experience by creating your own tweet browser that can also include Facebook.

Anytime someone mentions your name or product on Twitter, you can get an email alert.
This is like a huge data center for what is happening on Twitter.
You can actually send out tweets in the future.  Very similar to an autoresponder.

And the list goes on!

I will place all these great Twitter resources and more that I have discovered in the nice little report for you, so stay tuned.