Free Traffic Strategies Using Facebook

Last week I did a great webinar with two Facebook experts, Robert Grant and Ian David Chapman.

These guys managed to generate a following on Facebook of over 350,000 people in just a couple of niches.

Facebook has over 300 million users, which means that you can tap into this community and attract prospects for your lists, products, services and affiliate promotions.

In fact, I have started incorporating some their strategies and have already managed to develop a fan page with over 300 fans and growing virally.

The webinar was extremely informative and I highly suggest that you listen to the replay.  We talk about the power of social media

You can watch the replay of the webinar by clicking in the image link below.

Their Facebook course “Crowd Conversion” is closed right now but I convinced them to reopen it for my readers and offer a $650 discount off the normal $997 price tag. Use promo code “gauher” when you get to the order page to take advantage of this discount.

This is only available to the first 50 people who order and there are only 20 left as of the writing of this blog post.

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Free Traffic Strategies With Mike Liebner

I conducted a lengthy webinar with free traffic expert Mike Liebner.  We covered in detail how you can create free traffic using private label rights (PLR) articles for content and use the power of blog networks to start creating free traffic.  I am personally learning quite a few new strategies with these free traffic webinars and hope to implement them soon for my various projects.

You can watch the webinar by clicking on the webinar image below or click here:

Mike has also offered my readers a special fire sale for his “Article Underground” site that allows you to tap into his thousands of PLR artciles and 100+ blog network to take advantage of free traffic quickly.

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Free Traffic Strategies With Jeff Johnson

When it comes to generating free traffic online, you need to go to the experts to learn the best strategies.  For most of my Internet career I have always taken the easy route and paid for traffic whether it is with PPC or PPV.

I am currently working on personal project that I will share with you at a future date that I would like to build using nothing but free traffic.

I have recruited some of the brightest minds when it comes to free traffic generation to help share their strategies and techniques with myself, my readers and customers.

Internet marketer Jeff Johnson agreed to conduct a webinar with me so that he could reveal some of his strategies when it comes to generating free SEO traffic. The feedback that I got back regarding this seminar from the people who attended has been tremendous.

You can watch this webinar by clicking on the image below. Jeff did not have a good voice connection, so I will also be having transcripts of the webinar made so that you can better follow along.

You can download the MP3 file for this webinar by click the link below:

Download The MP3

You can download the PDF transcript and action plan of the call below:

Download the Transcript

Download the Action Plan

You can also download Jeff’s Free SEO Traffic Plugin software that will help your blog get much more traffic.

Download The Free SEO Traffic Plugin

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Do Video Sales Letters Really Convert Better?

I recently did a survey of my readers to find out what type of sales letter they felt was most effective in getting conversions.

a. Text sales letters
b. Video sales letters

Here are the results and my comments in a short video:

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I highly recommend that you watch Michael’s video to really see how well he uses video to convert prospects into customers.

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If the product itself does interest you, you should order it as I have reviewed it and it is very good.

If you order through my affiliate link and I will send you access to my “Auto Pilot Affiliate Income” video.

This is a powerful 60 minute video that shows you how to make a great deal of affiliate commissions completely on auto-pilot and passively.

Not many people are doing this underground method and you will see the power of it in this bonus video.

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Building Traffic Momentum

Any time you build a burst of traffic to your web site, you are bound to garner the attention of many traffic ranking services.

This can benefit your web site because it allows you to get more exposure and ultimately more traffic.

But in order to create a burst of traffic, you need to control to control traffic sources that can send traffic almost immediately.

Two of the biggest sources of traffic that come to mind are:

1. Email
2. Twitter

Both of these methods of communication allow you to reach your prospect with your message quickly and have them respond fairly fast.

Traffic sources like pay per click search engines can’t nearly bring traffic as fast unless you are buying an enormous amount of clicks every our.

When I did a blog post regarding the FTC and rebill offers, I sent out an email to my list and also did a tweet on twitter and the traffic came in fairly fast.

Below is a screenshot on Alexa that shows my blog post as the third web site listed under “Hot Pages”, which is category that lists the most popular web pages on the web at that moment.

This is a direct link from that also resulted in a windfall of traffic to my blog post other than the email that I sent out to my list and the tweet that I did.

I used to think that Twitter was a waste of time because there are not a lot of people making huge amounts of money from it, but I now see it as a great way to generate instant traffic.

Besides, email and Twitter, what other forms of instant traffic are there?

Please let me know by leaving your comments. 😉